Competition Robots

Spicy Devil - 2017

Swiftly delivered gears many times throughout each match and climbed a rope within three seconds at the end of the matches. Spicy Devil qualified us to go to the FIRST Championship in Houston, Texas and made it to the Semi-Finals!

Little Shredder - 2016

Taking down the tower, breaking defenses and 498 signature defense, Little Shredder brought us home our first Regional win and a trip to the World Championships!

The Coyote - 2015

This robot stacked totes 6 high, picked up trash cans & stole cans from the center of the field. The Coyote brought home 2 regional Semi Finalist and 4th place in the AIA Robotics State Championship.

Other Robots

Spider Bot - 2016 to Present

Spider Bot is a small remote-controlled robot built for testing purposes and serves as a tool for programmers to run code on.

Hailstorm - 2015 to Present

This robot was designed to shoot t-shirts at Cactus High School events and football games.